Give the Gift of Travel


The PERFECT GIFT for family and friends is time spent together… laughing, learning and making memories.


The expert travel planners at Mountain Memory Tours, as requested by their travelers, have created the best and most reasonably priced trips ever!  Be assured that every trip is value-packed, comfortably paced, carefully planned and full of fun and surprises.    





            This coverage is a basic trip cancellation plan. If you must cancel after the payment deadline date, you will be reimbursed for the payment of your trip only. If you choose to take advantage of this Plan, it must be purchased when your trip deposit is paid.  Conditions that meet requirements for trip cancellation in the event of an emergency are illness, death or any natural disasters beyond your control. Proper DOCUMENTATION  WILL BE REQUIRED for the refund to become effective. The purchase price of the Trip Cost Reimbursement Plan is non-refundable. If cancellation occurs mid-trip, the traveler will receive any expenses recoverable from suppliers by the Tour Company. This reimbursement will not be made until the trip has returned and all recoverable funds are received by the Tour Company.  


           MOUNTAIN MEMORY TOURS will not cover any expense for medical conditions related to you, a member of your immediate family or your travel companion and will not cover any cost for returning home due to a mid-trip emergency. This Trip Cost Reimbursement Plan is adequate for travelers because (1) most people’s personal health insurance covers medical treatment while traveling and, (2) the cost of actual trip insurance has increased significantly and many restrictions apply.



IMPORTANT:  Always travel with proper medical insurance cards, a complete list of

the medications you are taking and a photo I.D.




·        TRAVELERS NEEDING ASSISTANCE must be accompanied by a Care-giver who

      will be fully responsible for traveler ~ please request special needs at time of booking


·        DEADLINE DATES must be strictly adhered to so please mark your calendar


·        FULL REFUND is available when cancellation is made before final payment deadline


·        PAYMENTS by Cash, Check or Credit Card  (Visa, Master Card or Discover only)


·        TRIP is BASED on a 30-passenger minimum


Mountain Memory Tours is not responsible for loses, damages and personal injury sustained on trips, nor for changes in itinerary which are beyond their control. All changes and omissions in itinerary will be replaced with features of equal or greater value.


DEPARTS FROM Knoxville & Smoky Mt region unless otherwise arranged ~ FLY-IN’S WELCOME


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